Bible Text

Dear Members and Friends of New Hope Baptist Church:
Memorizing Scripture is not as popular as it was when I was growing up. With our smart phones we can Google any Scripture we want at any time. As long as we have our cell phone handy we can find Scripture. Yet there is something about having Scripture tucked inside of our brain. When we need to feed on it and be encouraged by it,  it is right there, closer than our breath giving us the Godly stamina to push through all that is distracting us and overcoming us in the moment. Since Resurrection Sunday, during our worship services we have been examining in detail the 23rd Psalm of David. This is a Scripture with clear and colorful imagery of our Lord and Saviour as Shepherd leading those who trust in Him as sheep. The bold imagery of this Psalm makes it relatively easy to memorize and its recitation is like an instant lifeline during these unusually challenging days in which we live because it focuses on who God is, what He provides and what we as His followers are to do in order to be kept by Him. This Scriptures oozes with comfort, direction and hope for those who know the Shepherd. Tuck it into your heart as you learn it from memory. God's supernatural power to comfort and sustain you will be quicker to access than auto dialing your phone. He is just that kind of God